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95 AND 6 TO GO contributes to an essential body of documentary filmmaking by presenting the lives and experiences of a distinct, but under-represented generation of Japanese Americans in Hawaii.

One cannot underestimate the social impact of having complex Asian American experiences represented on screen. To this day, we have very few non-stereotypical depictions of our families and personal relationships.

95 AND 6 TO GO presents multi-dimensional Japanese Americans but also speaks to universal issues around family, aging, creativity, and loss.

In addition, very few films have been made that explore the lives of contemporary Japanese Americans. The films that have been produced tend to concentrate on important historical events in relation to World War II and the internment. It is essential that the everyday lives and concerns of Japanese Americans are also represented on screen.

95 AND 6 TO GO has strong social and educational value and will be a great catalyst for discussions around aging, Japanese-American identity in Hawai’i, Asian-American history, personal documentary filmmaking, and inter-generational connection.